Adolphe Landspurg
the art of dowsing - radiestasy - geobiology - geomancy
Adolphe Landspurg dowsing with a Biorad diving rod
Adolphe Landspurg dowsing with a Biorad diving rod

Born in 1940 at Soultz (Haut-Rhin, France, Adolphe Landspurg was initiated into the art of dowsing in 1951, at the age of 11 by the Master Alsatian dowser Charles Zumstein (1866-1963), farmer, carpenter, writer, poet and dowser.

Adolphe Landspurg is the Honorary President of the Dowser and Geobiologist's Association of Europe (750 members) which has its headquarters in Soultz (Haut-Rhin, France) at 4, Rue Jean Jaurès.

He is the author of twelve books about the art of dowsing, geobiology and the transmitting High-Vibration Sites of positive energy in France, Switzerland and Germany.

He is the Co-inventor of the Cosbiotel Cosmo-telluric Harmoniser, the Landspurg Biorad System and the inventor of Landspurg Biorad Cosmo-telluric harmoniser and dynamiser of food and drink.

Charles Zumstein
Charles Zumstein (1866-1963), Farmer, carpenter, poet, inventor and Dowser
  1. The art of the Dowser from Antiquity to the Modern Day
  2. The work and materials of the dowser in the third millennium
  3. Detection of the negative energies, geobiology and health of the home
  4. Harmonization of the home
  5. The Landspurg Biorad Cosmo-telluric harmonising system - Guide and installation
  6. How to use a Biorad Landspurg System divining rod
  7. Can just anybody do Dowsing and Geobiology?
  8. Initiation Workshops into the Art of Dowsing and Geobiology
  9. High Vibration Sites and their positive energy
  10. The vibrations of food and drink
  11. Adolphe Landspurg - his works
  12. Newspaper Clippings
  13. Conclusion

Adolphe Landspurg
Président de l'Association Géobiologie et Tradition
13, rue des Alouettes
F-68360 Soultz
Tél. : 03 89 76 15 73 - 08 75 83 47 01 - 06 10 12 17 08