Adolphe Landspurg
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Detection of the negative energies, geobiology and health of the home

To detect the harmful waves emitted by the geological faults, the underground rivers and harmful telluric radiations, the dowser-Geobiologist’s will initially observe the trees and the plants growing in the immediate environment of the dwelling which he wants to analyze.

If the trees are warped , knotted or twisted, if the environment is invaded by brambles, wild roses, reeds, snap rings, thistles and nettles, if elder trees, willows or poplars grow here, he knows that he is in a geopathogical area. He will then make a tour of the house to check if there are no vertical cracks on the walls which are often caused by the passage of an underground river. Once in the house, he must take into consideration each previous radiesthesic measurement, that is to say measurement based on the balance of the vibration, colour vibration, percentage of magnetism, Cosmo-telluric balance, and vibratory balance, using a pendulum and small graduated tables.

After having checked for the negative Vibrational areas, he may suggest moving the beds; the couch and the armchairs into a neutral zone, he will then place a Cosmo-telluric harmonization device in the appropriate place. The he will re-take the measurements to check to see if they have improved.

Geobiology is a new discipline which studies the influence of our immediate environment on health of plants, animals and humans. The Cosmo-telluric balance is influenced by the Sun, the Moon, the Solstices, the equinoxes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, eclipse, alignments of the planets, and the passing of comets. Our work places or homes can be disturbed by geological faults, underground rivers and underground gases like radon, by radioactivity and high voltage overhead power lines.

A geopathical zone can bring a rupture of the Cosmo-telluric balance and generate harmful waves. The people living in these disturbed zones can become sick because of their environment. The Ancient ones knew these harmful areas where nothing grew and avoided building their cattle sheds, stables and homes on these sites. They isolated their buildings from moisture by filling the floors with slag, piles up newspaper or scurry. They insulated at the same time without knowing it, their homes from the generated negative telluric rays.

These radiations which cross steel and concrete to irradiate dwelling and work places can at the end of about a seven year period, be at the origin of serious health disorders.

If you suffer from insomnia, from rheumatism, osteoarthritis, unexplained headaches, lack of calcium, magnesium, zinc or iron, if you suffer from cardiac problems, you awake more tired than when you went to bed, or people who have suffered from unexplained nervous breakdowns have also been sited, call upon a qualified Geobiologist who will come to see your home or office. He will check using his materials if the beds, armchairs, couches or office chairs are over an underground river or on a crossing of telluric rays and then will help you to move them to a more appropriate place as required. To balance the disturbed zone he will possibly place an effective Cosmo-telluric harmonization device at the spot that he considers able to do the job.

Adolphe Landspurg
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