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Harmonisation of the home
Cosmo-telluric Biorad - Landspurg System harmonisator
Cosmo-telluric Biorad - Landspurg System harmonisator

The Cosmo-telluric Biorad – Landspurg System Harmonisator
System model mark deposited at the I.N.P.I

The Cosmo-telluric Harmonisator (shown above) was invented and developed by Adolphe Landspurg, President of the Association Geobiology et Tradition, Honorary President of the Association of Dowsers and Geobiologist's of Europe, the author of twelve books on dowsing, geobiology and the High Vibrational Energy Regions. This device makes it possible to channel telluric radiations (fields, flow, waves) mainly those which emanate from the geological faults or underground rivers. The process implementing this device makes it possible to avoid the negative influences and the consequences of the waves and radiations generated and which can prove to be harmful to health. After having analyzed by dowsing, thousands of places, houses, apartments, workshops and offices, the inventor could note the harmful effects due to he negative waves coming from the telluric radiations, on the occupants of some of these places particularly those located above the underground rivers in the geopathogenical zones where twisted brambles, elder trees snap rings, nettles, twisted tumours trees and those located above geological faults.

The inventor of this Harmonisator has observed that invisible radiations, rays or telluric waves which cross steel and concrete to irradiate the dwellings and the work places can at the end of about seven years be at the origin of some serious health disorders, cardiac problems, insomnia, migraines, rheumatisms, osteoarthritis, diseases, nervous disorders, nervous breakdowns or serious pathologies such as cancer.

Cosmo-telluric radiations vary in time. They are influenced by the sun, the Moon, the volcanic eruptions, equinoxes, earthquakes, planet eclipses and alignments. They can generate beneficial or harmful waves. Techniques or methods exist to characterize the environment in time and space and he has compared the results obtained. Thanks to these, the inventor of the Harmonisator could after thousands of analyses, develop this device and the process of harmonization which consists in taking all radiesthesic measurements to characterize the immediate environment, to locate the underground rivers, geological faults and crossings of the telluric networks, to judiciously place the device, for example on a telluric crossing at the angle of a part of the sphere of activity which is closest to the geopathical node.

After the installation of the Harmonisator at the appropriate place by a qualified Geobiologist’s, he will retake the radiesthesic measurements to check to see if the vibratory rate of the place has increased, if the Cosmo-telluric ratio is equal to the unit, if there has been an increase in the vibratory plane and if the new measurements indicate that the positive Vibrational colour green in the magnetic phase at the very place that was measure negative green has now replaced, in the plans and vibratory subtle worlds in which we live and evolve and move.

It has a pyramidal form which makes you thing of a bishop’s Mitre. Put in the right place, preferably close to the crossing and in the corner of a room, the Harmonisator is used as a wave guide. It collects cosmic energy while channelling telluric energy. Once put in resonance with these two forces, it transforms them by emitting the “ray of life”, a beneficial vital fluid for the health of mankind, animals and plants.

Simple, effective and inexpensive, this terra cotta device stands up to the test of time; it is robust, easy to pose and does not have to be fed by electrical current. The Biorad Harmonisator also balances the viticulture workshops, offices, shops, cellars, cattle sheds and stables which are also subject to negative telluric radiations.

Manufacturing Address for the Cosmo-telluric Harmonisator:

Faïencerie de la Doller
24 rue de la Chapelle
68116 Guewenheim
Tél: 03 89 82 83 69

Poterie Siegfried-Burger & Fils
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Atelier du Plat Caillou
8 ruelle du Plat Caillou
7387 Honnelles
Tél: 00 32 475 51 53 19

Geobiologists for the installation of the harmonisator :

Claude Guichard
42 rue Raoul Servant
69007 Lyon
Tél: 06 65 29 82 15

Gérard Le Pimpec
75000 Paris

Centre de bien-être Ô Cinq Sens
19 rue du 14 juillet
84140 Montfavet

Johny Lejuez
14 rue Léonard
97100 Basse Terre
Tél: 06 90 45 42 73

Adélaide Lammer
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Michel Lespagnard
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Marc Dozier
Les Chemins du Possible
39 rue Léandre Legros
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Fax: 00 32 81 73 85 79

Jean-Michel Gourdange
Tintange 51
6637 Fauvillers

Jacquy Bodet
197 rue Viomont
6687 Bertogne

Etienne Huart
Ingénieur des mines - géobiologue
44 rue Lievin
7387 Honnelles Roisin

Michel Menier
Rua Angelindo Carareto, 105
29075-164 Vitoria - Espirito Santo
Fax: 00 55 27 3327 9743

Anna Maria Mandelli
17416 Via Zanardi
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José Brandao - Carla Marina Antunes Vieira
Vidarmonia Produtos Naturais LDA
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Tél: 00 35 19 62 54 15 95
Fax: 00 35 12 17 26 26 15

Nicole Naas
Naas Associates
Guterstrasse 143
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Adolphe Landspurg
Président de l'Association Géobiologie et Tradition
13, rue des Alouettes
F-68360 Soultz