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The Landspurg Biorad Cosmo-telluric harmonising system - Guide and installation
Harmonisateur cosmo-tellurique Biorad - Système Landspurg The Landspurg Biorad Cosmo-telluric harmonising system
Guide and installation

Artistic earthenware for the harmonisation of harmful telluric waves
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Placement of the Landspurg Cosmo-telluric Biorad system
Placement of the Landspurg Cosmo-telluric Biorad system

After having analyzed thousands of homes and apartments located vertically over underground streams, geological faults or established on a former marsh land we have noted that the geopathical environment can seriously harm health. The people who are as tired in the morning as they were in going to bed at night, those who suffer from insomnia, unexplained headaches, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, cardiac problems, depression, stress, lack in calcium, magnesium, iron or zinc, can be victims of negative emissions of telluric origins.

To analyze a house, the dowser / Geobiologist will have to measure each part with a Bovis biometer graduated from 0 to 14000, to measure the vibratory rate, the vibratory plane, the Cosmo-telluric ration, the colour vibration in the electric or magnetic phase and to note the results obtained. A healthy dwelling place should vibrate at about 12000 Bovis units; have a Cosmo-telluric ration equal to 1 and a colour vibration located in the magnetic phase.

If this is not the case he will then have to see if the house is located over geological faults and natural underground water sources and to materialize or visualize their passage through the home. The geopathical zones are those located vertically above a current or crossing of subsoil water. On these crossings, there is always a margin of about 50 cm, and usually a concentration of Hartmann, Curry and Wissman rays. One will often find there that the vibrations range between 0 and 2500 Bovis units, a Cosmo-telluric ratio where the telluric figure is higher than the cosmic one and a negative green colour ratio in the electric phase. The place vibrates between figure 1 and 3 on plan I in the Physical plane.

It is necessary to advise the occupants of the house or apartment to move away from these negative zones and to avoid placing furniture such as couches, beds, chairs etc directly over them, it does not however necessarily mean having to move out – these negative zones can be neutralized. A vibration of 4000 Bovis units will indicate that you are directly over an underground river with a large concentration of telluric rays. Since 1998, there it has been noted worldwide by Geobiologist’s that the Earth has increased its vibration.

A place located in a neutral zone currently vibrates at 12,000 Bovis units. After having analyzed the house, apartment, office or the general workplace and moving whenever possible, the beds, couches, armchairs and desks etc, into a neutral zone, the dowser or geobiologist will have to harmonize the living area by placing a Biorad device at the crossing of these negative energies, if possible directly over, but if not, as close as possible to this negative area made by telluric crossings, faults or underground water sources.

The Geobiologist will then have to re-take the measurements to check that the vibrations of the area have increased, that the cosmo-telluric ratio is now equal to 1, that the area now vibrates a positive green on the magnetic level and that the measurement of the vibratory plane has now changed and increased positively. After harmonization, the Hartmann lobe antenna should no longer jump or react in the hand whilst passing over the vertical of a crossing and the “L” aerials should no longer move when crossing the rising telluric waves. The Biorad must be rinsed with lukewarm water and then dried and replaced in the same place at each season change (4 times a year).


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