Adolphe Landspurg
the art of dowsing - radiestasy - geobiology - geomancy
Can just anybody do Dowsing and Geobiology?

The majority of children have stored within them a great deal of natural magnetic energy, a potential energy which enables them to shout, to run to be full of life and generally healthy.

I personally carried out an initiation in the art of dowsing at the time of an outing in the mountain with a class of primary school pupils. Out of twenty seven pupils present, twenty three had in them a potential of magnetism which enabled them to have an interaction with a dowsing rod.

We all have in us very fine magnetite crystals which are localised in our finger tips, in the elbows and even in the brain which have been detected by American scientists. These crystals make it possible for the dowser to be sensitive to the 1/1000 2nd terrestrial magnetism and to feel these magnetic bursts with our bare hands or when using various equipment. The scientists measure the variations of terrestrial magnetism using a magnetometer which detects these protons. As we get older, people lose the sensitivity to magnetism which they had when they were younger, whereas people who are in permanent contact with nature like farmers, market-gardeners, wine growers, lumberjacks, and even sailors manage to preserve this magnetism. Once upon a time, in each village you found at least one person that was still close to nature and who had dowsing abilities.

To check your sensitivity to the telluric rays and to test your magnetic potential, make two brass “L” aerials,
5 millimetres in diameter using a brass rod of 45cm, taking care to make a right angle (90°) after 15 centimetres, so one straight (the handle) measures 15cm and the other measures 30cm (the rod). You will need to walk across the ground or floor holding the rods loosely (by the 15cm length) in both hands and about 20cm apart, and parallel to each other and parallel to the ground. When you arrive directly over an underground river, the “L” aerials will cross over each other. If they open, that means that you are directly over a geological fault, a cavity or cave. Try this experiment and, when you start to feel the energy which comes from the Earth, you will have opened another doorway in your body and mind, that to a secret knowledge which will give you access to cross the knowledge of days gone by, crossing the borders known to the Germans as “Grenzwissenschafften”.

Those who do not believe in this ability, that dismiss it and who ridicule it, are not yet ready to receive and understand this message. As for me, I do not hold a grudge against them for this, I don’t mind but I do find it sad that they have not been able to see the wonders of this incredible gift.

Adolphe Landspurg
Président de l'Association Géobiologie et Tradition
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