Adolphe Landspurg
the art of dowsing - radiestasy - geobiology - geomancy

Topics: the art of the Dowser, dowsing, geomancy, geobiology, biocompatibility, magnetism, radionics, Lecher antenna, understanding, approach and study of the megalithism and druidism the dowsing and geobiology.

animated by Adolphe Landspurg.

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Adolphe Landspurg
Geobiologie and Tradition Association
13 rue des Alouettes
F-68360 Soultz
Phone: +33 3 89 76 15 73 - +33 6 10 12 17 08

Association Géobiologie et Tradition


Trainings are currently cancelled for an undetermined period.
Pictures from the training of May 2006


Adolphe Landspurg has participated in television programmes in France on TF1, France 3, Canal +, and SWF3. He has successfully found thousands of sources, underground negative Vibrational waves and underground stream in houses, apartments and offices. He is the Author of twelve books about the art of dowsing, geobiology and the High Vibrational Energy Areas in France.

These week-end (2 day) workshops take place in Soultz (Haut-Rhin, France), and include practical experience in surrounding localities.

Initiation workshop to the art of the Dowser, geobiology and biocompatibility animated by Adolphe Landspurg
Initiation workshop to the art of the Dowser, geobiology and biocompatibility animated by Adolphe Landspurg

Discovery Workshop (Level I)

You will learn how to use a divining rod (practical experience), how to detect banks, the direction, the depth and the flow of an underground river. You will learn how to find Magnetic North using a rod and to detect geological faults and caves. You will learn how to work out your compatibility with food and drink by using a pendulum. You will visit a High Energy Celtic site dedicated to Belenus, an old Benedictine Abbey, and will travel along an old Pilgrim Pathway leading to its Shrine. You will learn how to measure the negative vibrations of a home or place and how to harmonize them with the Cosmo-telluric device "Landspurg Biorad System" the best and least expensive Harmonisator currently available.

Advanced Seminar (Level II)

A visit to "crossing" of sources in the mountain located at an altitude of 834 meters. Search for underground mountain streams by observing nature, the plant messengers and by using the "L" rods.

You will learn take Vibrational measurements of colours, magnetism, Cosmo-telluric ratios of places, the "memory of walls" and the techniques to carry out a good harmonisation of energy on a spiritual and physical level. We will test old and modern equipment that was and is used to neutralise negative vibrations, and measure their effectiveness or inefficiency. You will learn how to detect the etheric, astral and mental body of a person using the "L" rods and how to make an etheric analysis of the body using the Lecher antenna. Discover Chakras, the harmonisation of the etheric body, the harmonising of energy in the etheric and physical body, using colours and crystals.

Learn where (and where not) to build a house by using geobiology, taking into account the faults, underground streams and telluric networks. Bio compatibility between yourself, your organism and the medicines you take. Tele-radiesthesie. (The pendulum) The study of a building using a plan, a Lecher antenna and a compass. The dating of objects and old books. Measure the polarity between certain objects and paintings and their positive or negative interaction with their owners.

Master Seminar (Level III)

Saturday morning, the seminar is centred on the subject of megalithism, the subtle approach of druidism, with the visit and the radiesthesie study of two ancient megalithic sites.

In the afternoon we will work with the Lecher antenna, dealing with the subject of diaphanous energies, the radionics ones, magnetism and the protection of the dowser. Due to the depth of his experience, the organizer will carry out a more thorough revision of the various topics studied in the previous workshops and share his vast experience with you concerning; geobiology, study of Chakras, raising the energy level of places and people.

These three workshops will be started with short video films to help you settle into the subject matter. To avoid dispersion of the group and being limited by time, please bring your own picnic lunch. This will also have the added benefit of you being able to measure the vibrations of your food and drinks and any medicines that you are currently taking, to check their compatibility with you.

Do not hesitate to share information about these workshops with family and friends as everyone is welcome to discover and share these amazing workshops. Unfortunately however, we have to limit the number of available places on each workshop so that the organiser has proper time for you all and your questions, so booking in advance is required.

Adolphe Landspurg
Président de l'Association Géobiologie et Tradition
13, rue des Alouettes
F-68360 Soultz