Adolphe Landspurg
the art of dowsing - radiestasy - geobiology - geomancy
Adolphe Landspurg - his works

Adolphe Landspurg is the author of twelve books about geobiology, the high Vibrational Sites in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Alsatians Solar Traditions. Captivated since his childhood by the art of Dowsing and geobiology, for many years Adolphe Landspurg has dedicated most all his spare time to teaching others the art of dowsing reviving the tradition in his native Alsace (France) and the neighbouring border countries.

To date, 60,000 of his books on Dowsing and High Vibration sites have been sold, of which two titles have been translated into German. Due to his conferences and seminars, Adolphe Landspurg has been able to gather about him the most prestigious group of amateur dowsers, radiesthesists and geobiologists in Europe, enabling him to create the “European Dowser and Radiesthesists Association”. Currently composed of 750 members, of which he has become the Honorary President. His books, some of which have almost been treated as practical manuals and guides to amateur dowsers and tourists seeking High Vibrational Energy Sites, which are sold widely throughout France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, are presented below.

Editions la Nuée Bleue - Editions du Rhin, Strasbourg

Alsace - Terre de Sourciers (épuisé) Les Hauts-Lieux d'Energie - Alsace - Vosges - Forêt Noire Orte der Kraft Schwarzwald und Vogesen Taennchel - Montagne des Dieux Traditions Solaires au Pays des Ballons et Belchen Hauts-Lieux d'Energie - Le Pays Cathare Orte der Kraft im Lande der Katharer

Editions Guy Trédaniel, Paris

Sourciers et Science Traditionnelle Bretagne Magique et Vibratoire Hauts-Lieux d'Energie en Suisse

Editions Dangles

Comment devenir sourcier et géobiologue Les Hauts Lieux d'énergie en France

Editions Synergia

Orte der Kraft und Energie in Deutschland

Adolphe Landspurg
Président de l'Association Géobiologie et Tradition
13, rue des Alouettes
F-68360 Soultz