Adolphe Landspurg
the art of dowsing - radiestasy - geobiology - geomancy

With his many years of research in the heart of nature, after having analyzed thousands of houses, apartments, grounds, workshops and offices and having successfully searched for sources and underground rivers, I have put my dowsing experiences at the service of the community to ensure the continuity of a thousand-year-old tradition and to bring to the younger generations the knowledge of our Ancestors and a small part of this Knowledge coming from the Ancient Traditions. After having formed hundreds of dowsers at the end of the 20th Century and by training the new generation of dowsers and geobiologists at the beginning of the 21st Century, I work, like many former dowsers in associations all over the world, to ensure a serious change among the young people of today.

Waiting for the day the art of the dowser and geobiologist become officially recognised disciplines, so that we can use this sensitivity and put it to the service of hydrology, archaeology, associations, councils, private individuals, medical research and Science in general.

One can imagine quite well that among the future crews of astronauts landing on the moon or on other planets, that there will be a man or a woman knowing how to practise the art of dowsing. A simple plastic rod weighing a few grams could be very useful to locate or explore under the surface of the star, possible pockets of water or reserves of ice. By acting this way at the beginning of the third millennium, we add our contribution to the building of a new future.

We must not forget that we are all star dust and that we all are sons and daughters of the Earth, which is itself daughter of the Sun. The Ancient ones believed that the rocks were the framework, water the blood, the vegetation the lungs and the earth currents the veins of Mother Earth, and were certainly not very far from the truth. To build a better world, let’s start being in harmony with Nature and let’s respect our mother, the Earth as one respects any living organism.

We are vibration and we evolve in a world and Universe where all is Energy and Vibration.

Adolphe Landspurg
Président de l'Association Géobiologie et Tradition
13, rue des Alouettes
F-68360 Soultz